Sunday, March 25, 2007

Frog Eyes

I was writing when I got it.

Rahul’s wedding card. A smile slowly crept up… Rahul, that silly boy who never combed his hair, frog eyes I always wanted to call him; but never had enough guts. Every summer evening he used to come to our apartment ground for playing cricket or some other goofy sport. He was the captain I was fetch the ball from below the car/ gutter person. Our social differences on playground were huge. I tore my birthday frock for him when I got the ball from below a truck.

It was the third summer when I was promoted to the ranks of mid-fielder and I decided that I have to speak to him or I would die of heartache. I was waiting for the last over to finish so we could talk in peace. Last ball four runs, I lurched forward to stop it; my elbows were scrapped badly. My t-shirt was ragged at the sides and it was hurting like hell.
“Are you hurt?”
“Me? No.”
Blood was streaming down and was all over my tee by now. Rahul offered to take me home, it was more than I could ask for, and cursing myself for not bleeding earlier I limped happily with a hand on his shoulder. My cousin screamed when she saw me, she scolded Rahul too. I felt bad for him he never said anything just looked at her screaming away like that.

I wasn’t allowed to play anymore so Rahul used to come and fill me with the details of who caught whom and the scores and fatty’s hilarious run-out. Summers were never better. Paradise. But as all good things come to an end so did summer holidays, I was upset and Rahul asked me to meet him in the park.

This is it, I know it. I traced my finger over the mirror frost scrawling a heart over Rahul’s name, giggling I wiped out both and brushed back my hair. I found him near the gate, shuffling his feet looking nervous. I giggled again.

Hi Rahul, I am so happy today you know mom says I can go on my bi-cycle to school this year.
Yes she says I am big enough now.
Hey isn’t your cousin leaving today?
Umm… maybe I don’t know, she says I can go as long as I stay with the colony kids.
I was wondering can you give her my card?
Why are you giving her a card? She hates you.
Can you give it to her please?
But, she hates cricket!

Murmuring Frog eyes… I snatched the card from him and ran like crazy. When I stopped below a tree I realised I was crying. I tore the card and ran back home.
My cousin was leaving and I was rude to her till she left. I never even went to the railway station to see her off; I went down to the tree instead.
The pieces were still there I joined a few…
You… like a fairy… delikate...

We cordially invite your presence on the auspecies occasion
I marked auspicious in red and threw the card away. Got up and picked the card correcting it I marvelled at my work. The card now read Frog Eyes weds…