Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My obsession

I am quite obsessed about transvestites, actually they have always held an aura of intrigue but these days I am obsessed about being one. I mean you can’t have vicarious thrills about their adventures; it would be like watching Easter Island on discovery. Too much of information has left me with no sense of adventure; every place seems like déjà vu. India gate looks like India gate in real and best buses look and feel like best buses when you travel in them. That entire crowd you keep seeing in bombaiya films is for real and you become a part of it, feels like a movie extra when you think about it. I mean you don’t feel it immediately, but after a time when the novelty wears off you start feeling like a low-life extra. I live in a world of cheap vicarious thrills and clichés.
I am not into “meeting new people”, places much, but I am fascinated by lifestyles of so many people like tramps and what they do. I followed one for 3 days; they don’t do much, even they have a routine. Everything is fixed, like this tramp I followed he had a precise route and always asked for jute rope from a particular shop he never did anything with it just half meter rope and he always hoarded, straight into the bag it went. As a matter of fact he never once collected plastics or anything he always collected ropes or strings. Maybe he wants to fasten them all and take it around equator to bind the earth.
I don’t know why I am being obsessed about transvestites though, I mean about being one. I want to be a man transvestite, women never get much importance and anyways I don’t want to look like a dyke if I do become a transvestite.