Monday, April 2, 2007

Too lazy to fight

I am terrible with fights. I am bad because I am chicken shit yellow, I just cant fight if I am in a scene I would rather mutter an apology or move along but don’t have the nerve to fight. Maybe that’s because I hate confrontation scenes, ok I am lying I am yellow. Or maybe I have attention span of 3 seconds and I keep getting waylaid by how the person is frothing at mouth for some lame stuff that I don’t give two-hoots to. It is hard to concentrate when people holler for things that won’t matter 5 years down the line or even 5 days, I tend to get highly spiritual during such encounters. Plus I can’t even think of a smart repartee at such times, mostly because I don’t pay attention or I am thinking of something else. I think a lot about something else when people bawl.
But I think about them after, a lot. I mean yesterday I was all sore about not breaking the jaw of some guy back in class 11th for something I can’t remember now. So desperate I was with hate for him that I spent 2 hours on Orkut to find him and settle scores.
The last major confrontation I had was in 2004 and that too when a friend goaded me saying I should stand up for myself, I mean I do respect myself but I see no reason to scream on who-say-what-to-whom and as I was highly de-motivated I ended up getting emotional and preaching on ethics and love.